WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical

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Help/ F.A.Q.

The BlueCheck Age Verification Service

Most of the time when you are prompted to put in your birth date with BlueCheck, if you are above 27 years of age that is typically all you will have to input to verify your age. Occasionally though, BlueCheck will prompt you for a picture of your ID and a selfie holding your ID to verify your age. During their normal business hours (9am-6pm) a customer will typically be verified within an hour and can return to www.Sugarvapor.net to complete their purchase. This process can take awhile the first time you do it. Once you receive your message indicating you have passed the age verification, it can still take awhile for it to register with the app on the ID popup so be patient and keep trying it that first time you register with them! If you want direct help with any of the age verification app steps please email help@bluecheck.me. We are sorry for any inconvenience to our customers but this process is now mandated under the Federal FDA Deeming Regulations so we appreciate your patience as we comply with this important law. Also, once you complete this process the first time, you should be registered with BlueCheck and not have to do any steps except input your birthdate and phone number again to get your SMS code in the future for any site that uses BlueCheck.